My day has been joyful and full of life. It has been full of lessons going as planned, excitement over words and poetry, and sweet compliments from students and strangers alike. Today has left me smiling and jittering in a way that I don’t have words to describe but can say is good. (But has required me to drink decaf coffee this afternoon. ;)

Driving across town with the windows down and radio on is a joy all its own – especially for Minnesotans shaking the last dust of winter out of our bones. Today, I happened across a song that made the drive even sweeter and felt an important lesson settle into my heart as I sang along.

Bare with me through the silly, boppy song, because maybe you need to hear what my heart needed to realize today and this week.

This is the song:

While listening to this fun, up-beat, can’t-help-but-smile-and-dance song, my heart beat strong with thankfulness for joy from a God who loves me immensely. In that moment, the natural course of my thoughts brought me into awareness of the presence of Him. And then I paused.

This happy mood brought on by circumstances of a good day and cooperating brain chemistry does not define God’s love for me. He takes immense pleasure in carefree moments of thankfulness, without a doubt. But he takes just as much pleasure in me during moments of despondance, frustration, anger, and defeat. My mood does not affect him. Let me repeat that, your mood does not affect the God of the Universe’s ability or willingness to love you.

This is a lesson long in the making. At a certain level, I have known this throughout my entire Christian journey, but at deep gut levels, even today my natural response is to assume this joy is from him and for him and I am drawing nearer to him as we communicate in my thankfulness.

As I write this, I want to be so careful to articulate this distinction well.

  1. Yes. Close relationship with the Lord has a natural flow of resulting in joy and peace in all circumstances.
  2. But. Joy and peace in all circumstances may look different than the world assumes.
  3. Whether your life and mind are marked with joy and peace or not, God loves you deeply. He loves you in a way you cannot fathom. He loves you in a way that cannot be influenced by something as trivial and fleeting as how your day (or week or year!) is going.

Unsurprisingly, I have gone on much longer than I intended. I leave you with a wish for you to know, know, know in your deepest heart that the Lord takes great delight in you, whether you are soaring through the clouds today or just barely staggering through your day. He loves you.

With love, MyKayla Jean



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