Acknowledge & Celebrate

Hello friends! I am sketching out the second week of March in my planner somewhat shocked by the quick pace with which 2016 has left the gate. Whew! Two months done. What have those two months held? I began January with fresh eyes and budding hope and a heart full of dreams. With two months past, … Continue reading Acknowledge & Celebrate



This year seems already to be fragile. Balanced on broken bits of the past year and full of hopes for a brighter future. A week of 2016 has slipped by and I have spent a lot of time pondering what this year will be, what it will bring me. And I have let myself dream … Continue reading Courage

Has anyone told you “You can’t do it” lately?

Last year was the hardest I have ever endured. Those who know parts of my story understand the weight of such a simple statement; my twenty-one years have been filled with painful blows and crippling moments, again and again leaving me torn apart and hiding behind a smile. But last year, even that was taken away from … Continue reading Has anyone told you “You can’t do it” lately?